Bedbugs Worst Enemy!!!   


We are pleased to announce the most recent Fume Cube installation in Manhattan's Upper East side.Serving over 100 units in this 6 story walk-up complex, the Fume Cube will give residents peace of mind they can eliminate any bed bug issue quickly and economically.
The permanent installation will service all residents within the large condo complex and is currently being used to control existing bed bug problems within the property.

Fumigation against bed bug infestation is the ONLY way to guarantee 100% egg and adult kill with a single treatment.In any study where all treatment options are compared, fumigation wins hands-down. 

Fumigation is the only 100% effective eradication method against adult bed bugs and their eggs.Traditionally, fumigation services have been administered by "tenting" or "tape and sealing" entire buildings.

This method eradicates all bed bugs, termites and other pests that may be living in personal items, walls, ceilings, etc. Of course, this is a great solution for structures located in suburban areas where there are no shared walls and neighboring occupants. But what about densely populated areas, like Manhattan, where bed bug populations have skyrocketed? The only option has been to treat with topical insecticides - which have a low success rate and take multiple treatments,

or, (literally) have personal belongings loaded on to a moving truck and moved to a remote location where the truck itself will be fumigated which cost tens-of-thousands of dollars.

The Fume Cube, Manhattan's only portable fumigation service, is now available throughout New York and Westchester surrounding areas.With the exploding bed bug population in urban areas like New York City, the need for on-site commodity fumigation of retail items, hotel furniture and personal belongings became clear. Topical solutions are only effective over the long-term (multiple treatments) and take weeks or months to eliminate a bed bug problem.
While they are am important tool in the defense against infestation, they are simply not as effective as fumigation. 80-90% of bed bug colonies harbor in personal belongings. Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane) fumigation is the ONLY treatment that is 100% effective and eradicates ALL live bed bugs AND their eggs.

    Dow AgroScience Vikane fumigant has been safely used since 1960.


The bottom line: If you want to 100% eradicate, you must fumigate.
What does "Portable Fumigation Service" mean? It means you can now utilize Vikane fumigation, the only method that will eradicate all stages of bed bugs and their eggs, in any location with a flat roof or courtyard.
The portable 8′w x 12′w x 8′h Fume Cube can be set-up on any rooftop or courtyard and loaded with personal belongings, furniture, documents or retail goods and fumigated ON-SITE.


This avoids costly moving expenses, truck rental and days of waiting for belongings to be brought back to the location. The Fume Cube is the the only system approved for use in multi-family locations and costs far less than any other urban fumigation plan.

The Fume Cube was created by the Bed Bug Fumigators team, a Dow Chemical "Commitment to Excellence"
award winning company that has successfully completed over 50,000 individual fumigations.

We can have a Fume Cube placed at your location within days. If you have an infestation in a retail location, hotel, college/school, hospital or multi-unit dwelling, give us a shot and we'll eliminate your problem on the spot!SafetySulfuryl fluoride is currently marketed by three distinct manufacturers, under four different brand names.

Vikane (Dow) has been commercially available since the early 1960s, with Zythor (marketed by competitor Ensystex of North Carolina)being more recently introduced gradually as its use is approved by individual states (in Florida circa 2004, but not in California until October 2006, for example).

All Fume Cube applications use Dow's Vikane fumigant, which has been safely used since 1960.
Dow recently has begun marketing sulfuryl fluoride as a post-harvest fumigant for dry fruits, nuts, and grains under the trade name ProFume. Most recently Drexel Chemical Company has registered Master Fume for the structural market, competing against Vikane and Zythor.


During application, the building or fumigant area is enclosed and filled with the gas for a period of time, usually at least 16-18 hours, sometimes as long as 72 hours depending on structure size and type of infestation. The building or contained area must then be ventilated, before people can enter.
Sulfuryl fluoride is colorless, odorless, and leaves no residue.
All fumigations administered in the Fume Cube are "shot" by the state licensed professionals from Pest2kill Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists.
This company has implemented over 50,000 successful fumigations and represents one of a very few who have received "Dow Chemical's "Commitment to Excellence" award for their superlative safety and long-term success record.
Every fumigation administered is using Dow Chemical's VIKANE branded product and is approved for safe use in this capacity.

But now there IS a solution: The Fume Cube!

Fumigation Cube Installed on Rooftop of NYC Building - Kills Bed Bugs in a Single Treatment...

Using Dow AgroSciences Vikane brand fumigant, the Fume Cube allows residents of multi-unit buildings to fumigate personal belongings on, rather than off-site saving thousands of dollars per fumigation. Since 90% of bedbugs and their eggs reside in personal belongings, treatment includes topical insecticide applied by a pest control operator to eradicate infestations.


Gary Geiger has a whole building approach to fighting the bedbug war. By placing a Fume Cube on a building, all the residents in a building suffering a bedbug attack can treat their belongings and their apartments.


Geiger says "We have just won the first significant battle in the bedbug war. Each apartment we treat, and building we clear, will help bring this nuisance under control. We will not rest until Manhattan's last bed bug lays dead and cold on a Fume Cube floor." The approach seems to be working as the company announced the order for the city's sixth Fume Cube installation.

Thermal Heat Remediation.

Pest2kill Exterminating Co is a Pest Elimination Company that provides affordable, convenient and 100% effective bed bug treatment solutions using either Vikane Gas Fumigation AND Thermal Heat Remediation. Based on the need for bed bugs prevention options in difficult environments such as multi-unit or commercial spaces.The Cimex SMART Cube is a cost-effective solution for bed bug eliminations in locations such as:


  • Apartments/Condos.
  • Professional Offices.
  • Retail Stores.
  • Used Furniture/Rent-to-Own Stores.
  • Schools / College Dormitories.
  • Hotels and Motels.
  • Hospitals / Assisted Living facilities. 

The Cimex SMART Cube is a secure, on-site heat container for safe, non-chemical bed bug treatment. The Cimex SMART Cube effectively eliminates bed bugs from a range of items including mattresses, furniture, clothing and most electronics. The Cimex SMART Cube can be permanently placed on any location, or can be accessorized for easy portability for locations with multiple buildings requiring treatments. 

Constructed from powder-coated steel, the Cimex SMART Cube is a 100% secure insulated container that utilizes an electrical heating unit, forced air convection system and several wireless temperature monitors to achieve target treatment temperatures all managed by an easy-to-use digital control panel. Available accessories include:

Integrated Bed Bug Management Program, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Bed Bugs.


 Pest2kill Exterminating understands that individual bed bug jobs are different from others and that each one presents a unique challenge specific to their individual locations and structure types. No matter how different the job, the ultimate goal is to completely rid the target environment of bed bugs (and any other pests as well).

Pest2kill Techs Specialist will always follow the Pest2kill Exterminating Co, protocol for EVERY bed bug job we work on:

  • Identification.
  • Inspection.
  • Monitoring/Traps.
  • Education/Planning.
  •  Physical Action.
  • Chemical Treatment(s).
  • Fumigation/Heat.
  • Replace/Restore.
  • Post-Process K9 Inspection.

Pest2kill promises to approach your bed bug problem with the best possible combination of treatment recommendations (fumigation, heat, steam, pesticides, etc.) to increase bed bug eradication effort success and insure prevention of re-infestation at a later date.


Property Owners, Managers & RE Agents:

Pest2kill Exterminating offers property owners, managers and agents a 3 tiered methodology in eradicating bed bugs from a property.

  1. Source Elimination
  2. Current PopulationEradication
  3. Tenant Education 


Source Elimination can be achieved by requiring new tenants to fumigate their personal belongings prior to moving into a managed property with a conveniently located on-site FUME CUBE or by utilizing a local Pest2kill Fumigation location. This step will offer manager and existing tenants the peace of mind that a new tenant will not infest a unit and ultimately the entire building by bringing in infested personal property.

Current Population Eradication can be achieved by utilizing Onsite or Off-site fumigation processes. While fumigation of personal belongings is achieved, Our Pest Control Operator (PCO) can treat the infested unit for residual bugs. Property Managers can implement this approach as a way to retain current residents while preserving a property's financial strength.

Tenant Educational Initiative is based on the idea that enlightened tenants will be proactive in eliminating behavior that promotes the spread of pests such as bed bugs, clothes moths and powder post beetles. Tenants must be diligent in notifying property managers of potential infestations and encourage immediate inspection(s) to identify any areas of concern. The faster a response to a potential infestation the easier it is to curb the infestation's spread.