Certified K-9 Bedbug Inspections

Scent detection dogs are nothing new and have been used in Military and Law Inforcement for years. This same technology has been applied to Bed Bug detection. Our dogs are highly trained with nearly 98% accuracy in locating live Bed Bugs and their eggs. While a human inspection is only 15 - 20% accurate in finding live Bed Bugs. Our dogs will inspect every room of your home or business without any uncertainty to you.


With our trained certified Bedbug detection team will conduct an inspection to locate the scent of Bedbugs and their Viable (live) eggs. The bed bug or bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is an extremely disturbing pest that has made a comeback in recent years. Any pest control method begins by locating the infested areas. Bed bugs are found in homes,  businesses, motels, even 5 Star Hotels. There have been news reports of Cruise Ships, Airplanes, Buses and other modes of transportation being infested. They can hide in any number of areas that a business card can slip into. 


Using a Bedbug scent detection K9 has an accuracy rate which is much greater than that of a trained Technician's visual inspection. Canines can search that same room in a fraction of the time. Bed bugs can live in almost any crevice or protected location. The most common place to find them is within 5-10 feet of the bed. They often hide between the seams and tufts of the mattress, inside of box springs, the bed frame and headboard. Things to look for are the bugs themselves, blood spots the light brown molted skins from the nymphs and eggs.


By choosing our your K-9 Bedbug Solution, you can expect our certified team to effectively detect the scent of live bed bugs and their activity. We inspect residential and commercial spaces as well as motels, hotels, schools and apartments. Because Bedbugs are such great "hitchhikers" any trip you take, be it for business, vacation, or just going to visit family, the chances of bringing home an unwelcomed guest is becoming a reality. How you react to this situation is cruical, early detection of Bed Bugs will give you the best chance of getting the upper hand before it turns into an infestation. We will promptly provide comprehensive reporting that will become a valuable tool to you and your pest control operator that will identify areas of infestation.