Steri-Fab Insecticide Bed Bug Spray

Steri Fab Insecticide is a "can't do without" tool in your arsenal against bed bugs. Not only can you spray Steri Fab for bed bugs and their eggs as an effective general spray, but you can also use it to spray your mattresses for bed bug control. Steri Fab comes in the economical size of gallons. You can use it as a refill for your Steri-Fab pint-size bottle, or use your own sprayer.

Since Steri-Fab is a flammable liquid, it can not be sent by express shipments.


Steri Fab - One of the Tools

We highly encourage the use of other bed control products in conjunction with Sterifab spray. It does not stay long on a surface, you will need a residual insecticide like Transport or Temprid in combination for ultimate success.


Steri-Fab -Multiple Uses

Steri-Fab is a well known as a bed bug spray but is also a viricide, bactericide, sanitizer, fungicide, insecticide, germicide, deodorizer, disinfectant, mildewcide, bacteriostatic and fungistatic. Sterifab is very effective against bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew that would encourage conditions for insect breeding areas. It is a disinfectant that kills bed bugs, lice, dust mites, roaches, fleas and many other insects.


  • For indoor use in the home, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, offices, apartments, hotels, motels, kennels, and hospitals