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"Prevention Plus" is designed for the Multi-Housing industry.

PEST2KILL Prevention Plus focuses on pest prevention so your owners and tenants aren't bothered by pests and so property management aren't bothered by the pest complaint calls, allowing them to focus on other ways to improve service, facilities, and keep the building fully occupied.

Prevention Plus - A Unique Concept
PEST2KILL Prevention Plus program incorporates the new technologies into a very effective service with the goal of preventing pest problems, reducing liabilities and being environmentally responsible. This goal is achieved by means of non-chemical control measures, as well as appropriate applications.

Because this service is tailored to the needs and conditions of each individual property, specific effective methods are taken to prevent pest problems. Routine, unnecessary generic applications are deleted. 

Because a great many species of pests enter structures from the exterior, much of the work performed to prevent infestation is performed around the outside of the building. This will minimize the amount of work required within the building, thus minimizing the use of chemicals in occupied apartments while increasing efficiency by addressing the problems at the source. 

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Prevention Plus is a customizeable program, tailored to the meet the needs of each property.

High Risk Areas Identified

Common areas that are considered "High Risk" are areas where there is a greater likelihood of pests, history of pests, residents or management report sightings, or the pest management professional finds pests during inspections. Examples of High Risk areas are boiler rooms, pool areas, laundry rooms, entrances, etc.. These High Risk areas are regularly inspected and treated as needed.

Current and Experienced

Education is very important to PEST2KILL. That's why supervision and management typically attend 5-7 conferences each year and bring back the latest in materials, techniques, and education. Additionally, PEST2KILL sends all technicians to a 2 day conference and they attend monthly training meetings, college correspondence courses, and totally over 50 hours per year in ongoing training, and that's on top of new technician's over 200 hours of training.

When you add great training to low turnover, you get experience. Another key to PEST2KILL success is our company training meetings, where all technicians, sales people, supervisors, and management (about 36 at the time of this writing) get together. There, they can share what is working, what is not, and how best to handle unique situations. This is a strength unique to PEST2KILL.

What does this mean for you? The technician we send can handle your pest concerns, and when needed, is backed by another set of eyes and experience who is willing to help.

Prompt Service

Our typical response to requests for service is same day or next day. These prompt responses help you maintain your relationship with your tenants.

Fall Housing Inspection

PEST2KILL performs each fall a Fall Housing Inspection and reports it on a separate report, leaving one copy in your onsite logbook and one on your desk. If there are structural issues to address, you can pass it on to your maintenance personnel to address. The focus here is to identify conducive conditions so they can be addressed and so residents are happier, property managers spend less time dealing with pest complaints and dealing with getting them resolved. Again, PEST2KILL focuses on Prevention, and this form of prevention helps reduce the need for pesticides in and around the property.

Rodent Prevention

Rodent equipment will be maintained in various areas of the building, such as in underground garages, and where history and grounds tell us we need to in order to prevent you from dealing with mice and rats. Again, peace of mind for your tenants and support staff.

Cost Effective

Ever heard the phrase "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"? Maintaining a tight building, with PEST2KILL helpful inspections and reports detailing conducive conditions is very cost effective, in that it reduces your complaints, the costs associated with dealing with them, and helps you maintain your high occupancy with happy tenants.

Bed Bugs

PEST2KILL is fortunate enough to have dealt the resurgence of starting in 2001. It was a hotel room and was difficult to solve. Not very many products had bed bugs on their label. Not very many products were labeled to be applied where the bed bugs were at. And those that we could apply, weren't effective or were very slow at killing the bed bugs, or did nothing to kill the eggs. It was then we decided to always have a lead bed bug expert which has really helped us over the years learn from others, from our experiences, and quickly improve our techniques and communications regarding these challenging pests.

Bed bugs are not the sort of pest you treat an apartment (or house, or theatre, or hospital, ...) for once and walk away. There is a process, and Adam's has the process down, yet it will continue to evolve as we learn more, experiment more, and as new products and techniques come to the market.


Q: I have been told for years that my hallways need to be treated every month to effectively prevent pests. Is this true?

PEST2KILL: Pests can live in the hallways, however, the obvious preference is for the pests to live inside an apartment unit. Generally pests coming into the building will enter the apartment units through exterior walls by crawling up the outside of the building or by crawling under or through the foundation. Rarely will pests enter from the hallways. Hallways, however, should be protected from pests such as silverfish and spiders. Modern materials last longer than one month, so given the likelihood of the halls being a source, coupled with the proper selection of materials, monthly applications are not required. PEST2KILL can tell you for your specific property how frequently we recommend hallway and other common areas be treated preventatively. Of course these areas are covered so should you ever discover pests here, let us know and we'll take care of it.

Q: I like the monthly service set up each month, and I prefer that schedule. Can I still have someone out each month?

PEST2KILL: Yes. We will set up a day each month to come out, check in and conduct our preventative services as we see fit or as agreed upon. Please understand that we will not be spraying hallways every month, and will perform various services on rotation. If you have a large complex, you may even want weekly service, where we call or stop in to deal with any issues.

Q: How does this service compare to a quarterly service program presently being offered by other pest control firms?

PEST2KILL: It is very different. First, this service is not a run of the mill quarterly service where the same thing is done every quarter, regardless of history or need, or thought. As a client protected under PEST2KILL Prevention Plus program, your buildings are protected from pest infestations regardless of whether it is necessary for us to provide service once a week, once a month or four times a year to achieve that goal. We deliver a customized program that changes to meet the needs of your property, with a focus on prevention. Our Fall Housing Inspection and corresponding Report is unique to our market and provides you with the tools you need to seal up your building(s) and keep insect and rodent pests out. Lastly, your technician is very well trained and attends monthly training meetings, which benefit you and your tenants. This is what makes PEST2KILL Prevention Plus the best pest management program for the Multi-Housing Industry.




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