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Hotels & Restaurants

Restaurants and hotels have a variety of environments -- each with their own potential for pest infestation. Pest2Kill's unique style of service enables us to deliver unparalleled pest control service throughout the hospitality market -- from a corner restaurant, to the grandest hotels.

Our hospitality programs always begin with a careful inspection of the facility. We then develop a service program that includes prevention strategies and specific steps for correcting the problem. Services may include but not limited to insect control, rodent control, Bio Solutions in the kitchens, sanitation training, building maintenance recommendations, food safety recommendations and/or even nuisance bird control.


Here at Pest2Kill Exterminating communication is critical. This means that general managers, shift managers, chefs and hotel engineers all need to know what is happening with our pest management program. This teamwork will help ensure every issue is addressed and every person is in the loop. 

Pest2Kill Exterminating proudly delivers hospitality services for:


• Flies 
• Rodents 
• Cockroaches
• Bed Bugs 

• Ants 
• Crawling Insects
• Bio Solutions 
• Bird Exclusion
• Consulting 
• Client Training Programs 
• And much more! 

Pest2Kill recognizes the sensitive needs of hospitality industry and your patrons & guests. Contact us to learn more about we can be of service to you or click below!

We also provide discreet/unmarked vehicles for your services when requested!

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