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Exceptional Service Starts Here!

Here at Pest2Kill Exterminating, we value all of our customers and find the importance of putting our customers first.


“Thank you Pest2Kill for solving my bedbug situation! About a month ago I encountered bedbugs in my bedroom. With two dogs and carpeting I was worried I needed to throw all of my furniture and carpeting. Their name truly says it all. Two technicians came in and thoroughly inspected my apartment. One of them seemed to be the supervisor and he put me at ease after consulting with me. He gave me a preparation checklist and the very next day he treated my home. 14 days later he came again and treated for a second time -- can you believe they came 2 times?? When I asked what the second visit was for he ( I believe his name is Edwin) mentioned that part of the bedbug package includes 2 visits this way they can come and inspect and treat again (if necessary). I was so grateful to them! I am free from bedbugs and now use them once a month! I got our landlord to use them -- they are exceptional! Thank you Pest2Kill -- highly recommend!!.” 

—  Ivan, Bronxville, NY

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