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Property Management

Rodent, bed bug and insect infestations can pose a health risk for your residents and bring down the value of your investment. As a property manager, the best way to combat possible pest infestations is to reduce the potential of pests entering your buildings in the first place. Pest2Kill is here to help keep your properties free of these troublesome pests through prevention. We work closely with you to design a prevention plus program that’s tailored to your properties, providing the cost-effective pest protection and personal account management you require.

Pest2Kill offers a prevention plus program designed specifically for the multi-housing industry. Here we focus on pest prevention in order for your owners and tenants aren't bothered by unwanted pests. This program helps prevent and eliminate pest complaint calls and allowing you to focus on other ways to improve service, facilities, and keep the building fully occupied.

Prevention Plus - A Unique Concept:
Pest2Kill Prevention Plus program incorporates new technologies into a very effective service with the goal of preventing pest problems, reducing liabilities and being environmentally responsible. This goal is achieved by means of non-chemical control measures, as well as appropriate applications. Because this service is tailored to the needs and conditions of each individual property, specific effective methods are taken to prevent pest problems. It is common for different unwanted pests to enter structures from the exterior, because of this, the majority of the work to prevent infestation is performed around the outside of the building. This will minimize the amount of work required within the building, thus minimizing the use of chemicals in occupied apartments while increasing efficiency by addressing the problems at the source. Our program is completely customizable and tailored to meet the needs of each property we visit.

Prompt Service:

Our typical response to requests for service is same day or next day. These prompt responses help you maintain your relationship with your tenants.

Common Pests & Prevention:

Pest2Kill Exterminating understands your tenants needs and wants to eliminated unwanted pests. With our licensed and trained technicians we can deliver to you and your tenants the level of expertise we can provide. 

Rodent Prevention:

Pest2Kill Exterminating provides rodent equipment that is maintained in various areas of the building, such as in underground garages, and where history and grounds tell us we need to in order to prevent you from dealing with mice and rats. Again, peace of mind for your tenants and support staff.

Bed Bug Prevention:

Pest2Kill Exterminating is fortunate enough to have dealt the resurgence of starting in 2001. It was a hotel room and was difficult to solve. Not very many products had bed bugs on their label and not many products were labeled to be applied where the bed bugs were at. And those that we could apply, weren't  as effective or were very slow at killing the bed bugs, or kill the eggs for that matter. It was then we decided to always have a lead bed bug expert which has really helped us over the years to learn from others, from our experiences, and quickly improve our techniques and communications regarding these challenging pests.

Bed bugs are not the sort of pest you treat an apartment (or house, or theater, or hospital) once and walk away. There is a process and level of technique administered during the first service we provide. We always continue to evolve as we learn more, experiment more, and as new products and techniques come to the market. Pest2Kill Exterminating aims to care for all of our clients we treat. This means if a tenant is faced with Bed Bugs we not only provide an inspection and consultation, we also provide them with education on what to do before service is administered. Click here to download our preparation guide this is what we provide to tenants prior to bed bug service. If you need it in Spanish click here.

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We also provide discreet/unmarked vehicles for your services when requested!

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